Our fleet of transport vehicles in Monaco

Our vehicles with private driver are recent to provide you with optimal comfort.

Mercedes Classe V : Comfort guaranteed
(Van 9 seats)

Take a seat in one of our top-of-the-range vehicles and let yourself be driven in complete safety.

Travel in top-of-the-range cars

  • 7 places + luggage
  • Leather interior
  • Air conditioning
  • Wifi
  • Fresh water

For your well-being and comfort, we provide you with luxury vehicles.

Services designed for your well-being.

At French Riviera Driver, passenger transport is our business. Since 2006 we have been transporting customers from all over the world to drive them in the greatest comfort. That’s why we’ve chosen to welcome you to the Mercedes V-Class.

Half Van, half Limousine, the Mercedes V-Class shines with its appeal. Quiet and powerful, it is as comfortable in urban traffic as it is on long highway pavements.

If you are on a business trip, or on a long journey, you will have the opportunity to concentrate and work on board. We know that today it is important to be connected to the Internet, regardless of the situation and location. That’s why we offer you a Wifi connection directly in the car. For your refreshment, water bottles are always available

Movies are available for your children

If you are travelling for sightseeing tours, we have films available. This will allow you not to see time pass, or to keep your children busy.

Safe transport of your luggage

The Mercedes V-Class is also designed to carry your suitcases, small and large. Don’t be afraid to arrive at the airport with a lot of luggage, we can load it without any problems. If you would like our private drivers to drive you to Cap 3000, Polygone Riviera, Nice Etoile, Métropole Shopping de Monte-Carlo or rob the shops in Cannes, it will be a pleasure !

Transport up to 7 passengers

With a cabin that combines luxury and space, the Mercedes V-Class allows you to travel with colleagues, family or groups. This way, you can go to several people both to your business meetings and to relaxation destinations.

With such a large space, you can calmly consider your travel on all your activities in the PACA region. Whether it is a Congress in Cannes, the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco, or skiing in Auron, we can ensure the transport of people and equipment. Remember to book with our dedicated form to benefit from all the comfort you deserve.